Dr Vladislav Djakov
Dr Vladislav DjakovDirector of Sensor Development

Dr Vladislav Djakov

Vladislav is the co-founder of Microvisk Ltd and the inventor of Microvisk MEMS-based Technology. Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Vladislav came to UK in 1995 to pursue an MSc in Artificial Intelligence followed by a PhD in Micro-Robotics. With over 17 years of extensive ‘hands-on’ expertise on a number of micro-fabrication techniques, as well as microelectronics interfacing and data acquisition, Vladislav was responsible for a portfolio of International and National Projects on Micro and Nanotechnology at the Science and Technology Facilities Council, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory with focus on Micro System Technology in Bio-Medical Field, Medical Diagnostics, Security and Space Science, since October 2000. In November 2007, Vladislav joined Microvisk team as the Sensor Development Director and Technology Consultant. He is also responsible for the company’s IP portfolio and strategy and the principal author of its six international patent families.