Microvisk technology is based on Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) chip, embedded on a disposable SmartStrip. The MEMS chip incorporates a small and very efficient bimorphcantilever, which pulses in the sample, achieving high sensitivity with very little energy.

The cantilever is made up of several layers of materials and represents a truly integrated actuator and sensor device with its structural and electrical properties carefully chosen to provide relatively large out-of-plane sweeping motion, enabling the anchored beam to interact with the surrounding fluid. The resistance to sweeping and dumping of the medium can then be converted into an electronically suitable output by the integrated sensory module and passed on for data reduction and analysis.

The MEMS-based cantilever structure is realised using surface micro-fabrication techniques, thus leaving a wide range of substrates as potential candidates for packaging and test-strip integration.