Company History

Microvisk was originally founded in 2004 and in 2006, expanded its premises and undertook a clinical trial for PT/INR with the Royal London Hospital, which gave excellent results in comparison with a universally recognised laboratory-based industry standard. Initial research was carried out at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories in Oxfordshire. An increase in staff levels was seen in 2008 along with a move to a new facility with custom-built laboratories and additional office space, thus paving the way for future expansion. Microvisk is now funded through a mixture of private and venture capital investors.

Microvisk has established collaboration with The Royal Liverpool &Broadgreen University Hospital Trust. The company continues to undertake clinical trials in both this UK hospital and on sites in Germany to verify and validate performance whilst confirming user requirements. These studies are accelerating the development of the CoagMax® system technically and ergonomically, to produce an INR test system that combines laboratory quality results with ease of use. The trials have been facilitated by Trustech – part of the NHS Innovation’s network of hubs across England – and Health Research Wales.

In Oxfordshire, Microvisk has a new prototyping facility up and running. In-line with the company intention to develop more tests both in the medical diagnostic field and in other viscometry applications, we continue to utilise our in-house expertise and knowledge, to optimise and develop the next generations of chips.
We are now finalising designs and completing our multiple clinical trials, in preparation for the 2014 launch of the CoagMax® system.