CoagMax unit viewed from front


CoagMax® is the first point-of-care PT/INR monitor designed to make coagulation as simple to perform as blood-glucose testing. First-in-class technology allows for convenient, accurate, at-home patient testing, without the need to visit a specialised clinic for an INR blood test.

Using laboratory standard methods the CoagMax® brings the opportunity for a safer and less time consuming form of
anticoagulation control for the individual.

For those who like to travel or still have full-time jobs, being tied to a coagulation clinic can mean many hours waiting in a doctor’s office or outpatient clinic. CoagMax® offers you the reliability of a laboratory test with the simplicity of a blood glucose like meter.

Key Features

  • SmartStrip Technology ensures that all calibration and lot data are held on the strip and read by the CoagMax® on insertion
  • “Meter to blood rather than blood to meter” – first-in-class design enables you to take the meter and strip to the patient, rather than having to take the patient to the meter
  • Connectivity – use either the supplied USB cable to simply upload and download information and results
  • Quality control – Utilising the Smart Strip on-board quality controls, the meter performs all necessary quality control operations itself. For clinics that choose the meter is designed to use separate liquid controls or external quality assurance materials (EQA), the CoagMax® is compliant with all major laboratory quality systems.